Friday, 9 August 2013

Expotaku's time!

My second entry is going to be about Expotaku's weekend.

On 20th, 21st and 22nd June we had an event called Expotaku. It's famous in Spain and it's like one of those otaku events.

There were lots of k-pop activities! I won the k-pop quiz, yay! Since I have a dance group, we participated in the dance battle! We didn't win because in my opinion we failed a lot and we hadn't had enough time to practice it! We did 'It's war' by MBLAQ, and I was supposed to be Mir, haha~
Anyway, I had lots of fun dancing, and there was a group covering Vixx's 'on and on'. Honestly I think they should have won, because to me they were the best, but the judges thought another group should win, so yeah.

Here are some pics of my outfit, the hair was my idea:

And there was this boy who told me I looked like Kesha, lol!

The second day was so much better! Some of my friends were cosplay-ing, so I decided I would make such a nice Misa Misa!
A guy even asked me for my phone number, I was so embarrassed, lolol.
Some pictures:

I like the last one, heh.

That day we went out till late, so on Sunday we were supposed to dance 'Oh!' by SNSD between some of the activities but there was no free time so in the end we couldn't. :(
I was having headache so I went home and my friends stayed there, but they told me it wasn't so interesting~

I really hope next year we can have Expotaku again in Zaragoza, even though I'm moving to Madrid to study (will post about this other day).

Hope you liked the pictures! :p


  1. oh pls Bel <3 I'll see all your entries *-* sorry but my english is bad ; u ; I do all I can with my blog
    I love you <3

  2. Some of these pictures are made ​​by me hehehe

  3. It's okay, your English is good enough for me to understand it!
    I love you too, appa <3

    And yupp, thank youuuuuuuuu for taking them!